Digital Health Solutions

La Ruche Health is a technology startup that builds progressive digital solutions to facilitate the delivery of care and empower healthcare recipients to achieve equitable health outcomes.

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We strengthen the management of health data within medical facilities by delivering an intuitive, web-based Electronic Medical Records solution that empowers health workers to deliver essential ambulatory services with minimal learning effort.

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We increase the health care recipients’ awareness and access to fundamental health services by incentivizing the use of a patient portal for an improved experience every time they come into contact with the healthcare network.

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We introduce transparency and efficiency through a billing service that helps medical facilities avoid missed revenue as well as track and resolve health insurance claims.

Our Products

Health Portal

Health Worker Portal

progressive web application (EMR) with offline task capabilities, user interfaces focused on human-centered design and platform-independent technologies that make the solution truly accessible regardless of technology or infrastructural limitations

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

A freely available patient portal designed to boost patient engagement and provide care recipients with access to relevant health content and preventative care services through partners who share our vision of making healthcare accessible and best-quality for all.

Telehealth Portal


Embedded e-consultation services extend the reach of medical practitioners to remote communities otherwise cut off from the greater health network and help lesson the impact of low doctor-to-patient ratios in the communities we serve.

Health Data Insights

Health Data Insights

Key application and health-specific data points transformed into analytical insights (raw data and custom reports) means that our solution can empower administrators, leadership and other stakeholders to make data-driven decisions