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with Apps, WhatsApp Automation and Artificial Intelligence

appointments and patient registrations by whatsapp

Creation of the electronic health record done by our automation tool

Fully digital patient encounters for faster care coordination

360 view of medical histories, bill summaries and facility finances


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Appointments via Whatsapp

Connect to a healthcare team quickly via the most accessible instant messaging apps, no matter where you are!


No app installs or Signups required

Appointments via Whatsapp or Messenger

Skip the queue with an appointment code

Health Portal
Health Portal

Simple, Digital Patient Encounters

We’ve removed the complexity of going digital so your team can focus on what matters the most; ensuring the best outcome for your patients!


Automated appointment booking

Automated digital record creation

Digital patient encounters

Digital ordering & tracking of labs

Automated bill breakdown

Access to realtime data dashboards

You generate bills & process claims

You access data dashboards

Medical Records at your Fingertips

Give your patients convenient access to past consultation reports and lab test results for an improved "VIP" experience!


Remote delivery of lab test results

Secure doctor-patient health record sharing

Efficient patient follow-ups and reminders

Increased patient engagement & retention

Health Portal