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Transforming how 1.4 billion people avail of health & wellness services with patient-friendly contact points.

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Our Solutions

Health Hub

Organize medical records and instantly grant/revoke access using secure share. Conveniently connect to primary care teams via instant messaging (Whatsapp and Facebook) and on our wellness marketplace. Earn points toward rewards like discounted subscription-based health insurance products.


Own your health data

Share & translate Records

Quick connect to clinics

Find pharmacies nearby

Find testing centers

Access community health financing

Health Portal
Health Portal

Clinician’s Portal (EMR)

Let us send you more patients through convenient channels. We’ll help you automate the patient intake process, conduct virtual & physical consultations with our novice-friendly digital health platform. Digitize reporting & billing to reduce loss of revenue, go green and make significant savings on multiple paper-related expenses.


Digitized primary care

Automated patient intake

Labs & radiology tracking

Scheduling & Billing

Access & permissions management

Billing, Reporting & Referrals

Anonymized monthly reports

Wellness Marketplace

Promote your products and services on our marketplace as a certified medical practitioner, licensed wellness professional or nationally recognized drugstore. Increase your reach, offer loyalty points and build a community around your offerings.


Promote products & services

Offer virtual consultations

Accept online bookings

Boost engagement & Loyalty